What do customers want on a company website?

Customers want a website with no session time limit and is accessible to people with disabilities. Some customers want an assistive technology, customer friendly website.

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How to find what customers want?

Potential customers want to know, how to find a company website with the best answers!

Customers want to find answers to important questions, even before they know how to ask good questions!


What customers want from a website?

Customers want to know it's safe to use a website

Who is your customer, is the most important question to answer before you can understand how to get a good website for your company. Most potential customers are cautious about any new website they visit. They need to know that you care about protecting customer privacy and security. Customers want to know that your site isn't simply intended to sell something! Potential customers want to use a website the first time, for free information. If a potential customer returns, they probably believe it's safe to contact you to ask about your products or services. But, how do customers find your website the first time? Potential customers know how to find a website with important information, using a search engine. Customers want to find a website with the best information to get the job done!

Please read: What is a website? before you decide to get a website, that your customers can't find or don't want to use!

Why customers want credible information

Website visitors don't simply accept the information they find on web sites and that's a very good thing! There are many website myths and even outright lies published on websites. Establishing business credibility is critical, if you expect your visitors to ever become customers. Providing lots of free information about anything and everything your potential customer might ever want to know about a company, is the best way to establish that credibility. Business memberships, trade associations, the BBB and customer testimonials, can help establish your website as a credible source of business information. But, how do customers find your web site the first time? It's important to find out what customers want, before you can decide how to get a good website that helps you find them.

Our clients always want to know how to find customers, so our results on search engines gives our site credibility with customers.

Customers want to find information to solve a problem

Why customers don't come back ?

Customers want answers. Solving customer problems is simply good customer service. Customers come back to find good information from websites that work to understand what customers really want to know. Designing a web site from a customer's perspective , will ensure that your site provides the best information. If your site can provide that information first, you will attract more customers. To do that, your customers need to find your web site using their favorite search engine. If customers feel good about their website experience, they often return again and again. If not, they simply don't come back. Customers want to feel better after they visit a website, not frustrated and confused! Customers want respect for their time. Don't waste it, if you expect your site to find customers for your business. Your customers need to find answers and you need to find new customers. It's a win-win for everyone!


Why have a business website, if it's not a customer friendly website ?

Most business web sites are designed to impress the website owner, rather than web site customers. After all, the owner is paying the bill! Very few business designers will explain what mistakes can do to damage website performance and profitability. Since most business owners falsely believe that a website is simply advertising, they want a web site to look like all the company print and electronic advertising. Beautiful pictures and catchy slogans, but not much information from a customer's perspective. While this type of business design is supposed to help create brand recognition . It simply doesn't work well on the World Wide Web. Good text information, good menus, good answers and good links to other good websites, will impress customers and search engine robots too! That's what customers want on a website. Want to find new customers? Then build a web site that performs like the best customer service dept, that your customers have ever seen. If you write good web pages, customers get what they really want and you'll get good search engine results, which helps you find even more new customers! A website has become the best place to learn how to find customers for your business. A good website is where you find good answers.

What every customer wants, is to be able to use your site!

Since many business website designers are simply graphic artists, they design beautiful websites to impress their customers. Sadly, many beautiful websites aren't very friendly to customers not using Internet Explorer with all the latest flash plugins. An accessible website is usable by your potential customers. When customers get lost in your site, they leave and don't return. A user friendly website makes customers want to return, often. Customers want clear and simple web site navigation menus that help them find information easily. Customers want to be able to contact you by phone or personal visit. A phone number or a link to driving instructions on every page, can help your site convince customers that you're a real business! Why do customers want information about a business? Customers want good answers to their questions, that are easy to find on your web site. User centered design will pay big dividends and that's why a business needs a business website. Your customers are trying to find information about a company or industry when they go to the web. Good customer service always includes a service guarantee

Want a website that finds customers?

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