A good website service policy includes a guarantee

A good website policy is to have no session time limit and be accessible to people with disabilities.

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What is good service?

Good service is a service policy with a money back guarantee


Good customer service means customers get what they want

Business websites must establish business credibility to become successful. When potential customers first find a web site, they have no reason to trust the information, at face value. Providing a money back guarantee is good way to begin establishing credibility and help prove that your site represents a real business. A refund policy helps to build trust in your services. Please read: What is customer service?

Every website is comprised of individual web pages. Every good web page, is comprised of important web page components. When the quality of each web page is very high, search engines can index and rank them easily and your human visitors can quickly find the information they came for.

Our website designers guarantee to provide every website client with performance excellence. SEO Design is dedicated to a professional standard, that matches the quality service provider to each business owners specific website priorities. Our services are provided by quoted, fixed cost unit costing. Each service quote is divided into specific components and priced by the component complexity.

We do not promote or endorse pay-per-click or paid inclusion website promotions. We have proven that good search engine optimization does not require paid advertising to make your web site visible to your potential customers. If you need to pay search engines to place your web pages in their advertising sections, you don't have an SEO website . We do not participate in paid inclusion programs, because you have already have proven that Good SEO works!

A sample website services agreement

(An example quote only)

Re: Acme Business Widgets Inc. of Vancouver, BC

Your new company website will consist of (5) distinct topics and text copy requiring (15) individual web pages and you wish an online presence website. Your logo and website graphics are already available in digital format. You know who you want to have links to, the information you wish to provide and understand the difference between a business web site and conventional display advertising. You would also like to have your website conform to Double A Accessibility and need the site hosted and managed on an annual basis.

Your initial search engine optimized, website service quote would be:

All prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars and are subject to HST (HST applies to Canadian companies only)


A good website design service has a Customer service guarantee

Each of our website services components are individually guaranteed to perform ("as agreed" in our services agreement), or your component fee will be refunded.

Valid web page markup

Every web page on your website (including custom error pages) will conform to formal html or xhtml W3C markup standards, be immediately corrected, or your component fee will be refunded.

Graphics Quality

Your written confirmation is required to approve any graphics that we provide.

Text Quality

Search engine optimized websites require careful editing to achieve maximum search engine ranking results. We will edit every web page for page title, proper use of headings, meta tags useand key concept development. Your verification of formal markup validation and acceptance of each web page text content is required before the page is considered complete and ready to be published.


Your outgoing hypertext links will function properly for the full year, be immediately repaired, or your fee will be refunded.

Accessibility features

Every web page on your web site will conform to the level of accessibility you choose (A, AA, AAA). If after your first notification of non-conformity, the deficiency is not immediately corrected, your accessibility fee will be refunded.

Search Engine Optimization

New Website:

If your web site fails to achieve the agreed performance statistics* in the agreed time, your optimization fee will be refunded.

Existing Website Optimizing:

If your website fails to achieve the agreed search engine ranking increase and visitor statistics increase (in the agreed time), your fee will be refunded.

* Statistics

We will both monitor your website's performance statistics during the term of our services. Once your web site achieves the guaranteed "agreed results," you will be notified by email and asked to verify our report.

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The Seo logo symbolizes a good seo service. (Sample Only) SEO Website Services Agreement

This agreement between SEO Website Designers, hereafter known as "SEO Designers" and "Acme Business Widgets Inc.", hereafter known as "the Client," will be for the purpose of having SEO Designers, design, build and publish, a business website for the Client to fulfill the following terms and conditions:

Register the domain name: www.vancouverbusinesswidgets.ca for (1) year.

Provide full website hosting services for (1) year.
(including 10 hours of website maintenance) $ 1000.00

Design and build (10) quality web pages $ 1500.00
(text and graphics supplied by the Client) Since there
is a guaranteed search engine ranking result, Seo
Designers reserve the right to edit the text copy
for the optimum key phrase performance.

Design and build (5) additional high quality web pages $ 500.00
(as above) plus (5) custom error pages, a robots.txt file
and P3P compact privacy policy as "no charge"
extras. All web pages to be valid xhtml 1.0 and valid CSS 2.1. Link
functionality for the full year ($ 500.00) is also included.

Minimum "top 20" search results on (2 of 3) $ 1000.00
search engines, (Google, Yahoo and MSN)
for the following search (Key word) phrases:
"widget suppliers," " widget stores," "business widgets
," "business widgets suppliers," " business widget

First page search engine ranking for the above search phrases $ 2000.00

All (15) pages to conform to W3C AA Accessibility $ 1250.00

Sub-total: ......................... $ 7250.00

12% HST: ............................ $870.00

Total Price: ..................... $ 8120.00

It is understood and agreed to by both parties, that SEO Website Designers is responsible to fully inform the client of any requested design features which may adversely affect search engine results or accessibility. The final decision regarding the use of such features, is solely the client's. However, the performance guarantees may be voided, should SEO Website Designers recommendations to the client be rejected. SEO Designers will provide a written notification of termination of any component guarantee.

Dispute resolution:

Any disputes arising from this agreement will be resolved through negotiation or at the direction of your local Better Business Bureau.

Payment terms:**

A deposit of (50%) $ 4060.00 will be paid upon signing and prior to SEO Designers commencing the design process. The balance of $ 4060.00 is due upon the client's acceptance of the final website design* of the page layout.

Signed at Coquitlam, BC this ______of_______2010 (SEO Designers).

Signed at Vancouver, BC this ______of_______2010 (Acme Business Widgets Inc.).

Acme Business Widgets Inc.

Print Name

Witness to signature

SEO Designers

Print Name

Witness to signature

[ Content ]

Secure services

The completed agreement will be faxed (or mailed) to you for signing. Once signed, returning it to SEO Designers with your deposit, will indicate acceptance of the terms and conditions. SEO Designers will sign and return an original copy of the agreement for your records. This process will be discussed and explained in advance, to help avoid misunderstandings.

* Final Design Acceptance

SEO Designers will provide a temporary site to publish your web pages to. Once uploaded, you will be able to view your new web site on your computer. The colors, fonts, graphics, etc. will be discussed and adjusted to suit your design objectives. SEO designers will not proceed to develop the remaining pages until you accept the design and layout.

** Please Note:

On projects over $20,000, the payment schedule is as follows;

1/3 deposit due at signing

1/3 due at design acceptance stage

Final payment due on completion (prior to final site publishing to your real web address).

Questions regarding this sample agreement should be directed to info@seowebsitesdesigners.com

We're a Canadian SEO and business information web design services company.

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