A good sitemap is important, so design a good site map

A good web site has no session time limit and is accessible to people with disabilities. An assistive technology, user friendly site.

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What is a good site map?

A good sitemap will make a website user friendly

How to create a good sitemap and what is a good sitemap design?


Every good web site has a descriptive site map

A good sitemap is accessible to every visitor. Our web site site map helps visitors find information quickly

Why have a sitemap?

Designing a good site map is critical to every site with more than a few web pages. Often, visitors need to find a site map simply to discover what important information your site contains and if they even wish to stay and read it! Many business website owners seem to expect potential customers to blindly follow the web site menu links, until they finally find the information they were actually searching for in the first place. It's a website myth and it doesn't happen. If visitors can't find information immediately, they leave a website and don't return! Providing a sitemap that looks and functions like a search engine results page, will give your visitor a familiar and comfortable format. A user friendly website also provides a good web site menu for quick reference. Making website visitors feel safe, is critical to building a successful web site.

A flash menu or a JavaScript sitemap can be visitor and search engine suicide. Search engine robots do not follow the links contained in scripts, so your entire site could remain invisible to all the major search engines and your potential customers for years. A poor quality sitemap can be a costly website mistake. Including an .xml sitemap is particularly important to dynamically generated web sites. At the very least you should provide a sitemap.txt page, listing all of your page urls, if you expect search engines to index all of your web site pages.

Many web designers use the term sitemap to describe a site index or a table of contents. Although different in both appearance and function, they each serve as good navigation aids. Since our site provides information about good business web sites, ethical search engine optimization, the features and benefits of accessibility, as well as the terms used to explain websites, we have divided our site map into the (4) sections of the following menu:

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