What is seo or what is good seo is a good question to ask

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Is SEO good?

What does SEO mean? We explain seo in simple terms

We must define SEO, before we can explain SEO


SEO is always about SEARCH ENGINES

With all the search engine marketing hype, about SEO, and what seo costs, it's not surprising that seo website myths and misunderstandings are common. Like many industry buzzwords and abbreviations, Seo has several meanings that are often misused. Understanding SEO begins with understanding important website terminology. Search engine searches are the key to your business web site success. When you publish a quality website, you expect to have an audience read it. Search engines can help to provide that audience. So the "S" and the "E" simply stand for SEARCH and ENGINE, respectively.

All the confusion about SEO, involves the letter "O"

It's easy to see why so many business website owners are confused about SEO. Much of the website design industry seems either confused about, or completely misrepresents, what the "O" in SEO is and does. Even the major search engine organizations, often fuel the confusion about SEO.

Optimal begins with "O"

The root and most important word in Seo is OPTIMAL and very simply put, it means best.

optimal 1. Describes a solution to a problem which minimizes some cost function. Linear programming is one technique used to discover the optimal solution to certain problems. 2. Of code: best or most efficient in time, space or code size. (1995-10-05)

Modern Language Association (MLA): OPTIMAL. The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing. Denis Howe. 09 Jan. 2007. Dictionary.com

op ti mal adj. Most favorable or desirable; optimum.

OPTIMAL. (n.d.). The American Heritage© Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Retrieved January 09, 2007, from Dictionary.com website: Dictionary.com

SEO means the BEST


To optimize a website, an optimizer simply makes the website the best it can be to a search engine.

Every search engine company claims to be the BEST. Understanding search engine priorities, helps to explain how they can each make that claim. Good use of seo makes it easier to impress every search engine, by giving visitors what they want. Search engine technology has become very complex. That said, they all try to provide the most relevant information pages or websites to your search request. How each search engine determines information page quality or which web site is the best, is always open to improvement. Ethical seo, will get good search results on every search engine, over the long term. To get a good website, you need to impress all search engines. How do you impress a search engine? Write good web pages, for people to read!



The process of making a website the best it can be, is the process of search engine optimization . No confusion here, it's the methodical process of correcting mistake found on poorly written web pages. Optimizing is what is being done to the web pages and optimized is the final result of optimizing. Real seo means writing good web pages in a valid format. What is a good menu for seo?


What a search engine optimizer is and what a search engine optimizer does, can be the biggest source of confusion and conflicting opinions. Google offers some good advice about search engine optimizers and then goes on to describe search engine marketing! If even Google is confused, we will clearly state:


Seo is easier to accomplish when you understand that good seo and good information for human visitors, are really the same thing. The best seo is simply important text information content. How you present and structure that content is the only real technical challenge. We follow good seo practices on every site we build, so you certainly don't need to pay a search engine company to get good search engine ranking results. A good web page and good seo go hand in hand. If you want to use sem, don't pay a marketer, when you can do it online for free. High quality information defines a high quality website and good websites don't require any SEM, to get good search results. Your potential customers already know how to search with a search engine.

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Good SEO vs BAD SEO (and a good seo will explain the difference)

What is a good seo?

The differences can be glaring, but the ongoing confusion about seo services can often lead website owners to waste thousands of dollars to learn this first hand. GOOD SEO does not use Black HAT SEO techniques, period. Good SEO simply means learning how to write good information.

A good SEO or White Hat SEO will:

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What is a black hat SEO?

A Bad SEO or Black Hat SEO will:

So, when you need to find a good SEO, simply ASK a search engine!

Please read: What is a website, before you try to answer the question, What is a business web site?

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