A good designer will explain business website design to business owners

A good website has no session time limit and is accessible to people with disabilities. An assistive technology, user friendly website.

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What is a website designer?

Good website designers explain how to get a website that's good for business!

What is a good designer? A good business designer understands a good design for a business website


Every business is unique, but many business designers miss this point. Good designers don't.

Why good business website designers will explain good design to business owners

There are several types of website designers

A frustrating and costly experience for business owners, is learning how to find a good website designer that actually understands business. There are many types of websites and many types of web site designers. Web design is certainly not a one size fits all industry. Designing websites for a business, requires a business website designer.

Business website designers are one of three types:

The (2) worst designers for a business web site

It is easy to spot which of these web designers designed most business websites, because balance is extremely important to every successful business web site.

The graphical designer

Graphical web site designers can give you a website that looks good, but ignore all the important, functional design aspects of a good website design. If potential customers can find your website, they may be very impressed with the beautiful graphics before they go searching for quality information! A business web site is about answering questions, not winning website design awards! It's always about how to find good information and even our graphics designer agrees!

The technical designer (or programmer)

Flash websites and database driven websites or content management systems, present specific problems for search engines and disabled visitors as well. Dazzling and interactive website designs belong to very specific types of business sites. Caution should always be your guide.

A professional web site designer

There are many quality designers who can design a good website. Problems are created, when you expect any web designer to simply tell you what your company needs and then build it for you. Website designers can often be experts at designing web pages, but not understand anything about your business, your customer problems or your competition. For years business owners and web designers have failed to communicate about the importance of understanding what good design means to your customer. Any website design company that doesn't ask questions about your customers cares less about your business, than winning designer awards. Good business designers ask lots of questions. It doesn't matter what a website costs, if it doesn't find new customers, it wasn't a good business investment. That is why we explain business website design to every visitor. The best website designers work hard to understand what you need from a website and exactly what your customers want from your company.

Please read: What is a website and How customers find a website, before you waste a lot of money building one.


A good website designer team

A good website designer is actually a good team of website designers. The complexity of a good business website makes it nearly impossible for one designer to be an expert with every website component. A good website means that every website component is high quality.

SEO web site designers website component specialists

Several of our team members also operate an independent website business, so we're business owners first. We understand how a website finds customers, so we collaborated to publish a website, that will help business owners get a website that will be successful. When we accept a design project, several of our component specialists will be involved. Each team member works on a specific web page component. Every website project is unique, simply because every business is unique. The most important component of a website is quality information. Understanding your business and why customers want to find you, is our single most important objective. Your customers know how to search, so we build a website customers can find. Only when we understand the details of your products or services, can we write good web pages that will include the search phrases that your customers would likely use. We guarantee that you will get good search results on search engines, because we will understand what your customer wants from you. Our design team can explain good seo and how accessibility features also help your customers find and use your website. That's how a website becomes a good business investment.

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SEO designers have a mission

Most web designers say that designing a beautiful website will attract customers. It's a designer myth. We have placed our focus on designing and hand building, custom design web sites that will enhance our clients' business image for many years to come. Designing functional, accessible, profitable, and search engine friendly websites combined with usable website features, will continue to be our only design mission. We're not trying to be all things to all people. We don't want to be the biggest custom web site design firm, so we can continue to strive to be one of the best business web site designers for our selective clients.

If you simply want a website, there are probably millions of web designers waiting to take your money. However, if potential customers can't find your website with a search engine, why have a company website? If you want a good business web site, let's talk about your business and we'll try to help you understand good website design.

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Professional website designers must understand good business practices

This site was originally conceived in September 2005, after a lot of discussion about the website designer information currently popular on the web. Website myths, lies and scams are frequently passed off as good web site design . We all agreed to design a site that provided good information over presentation effects and graphics. We also decided to write a site in xhtml 1.0 Strict to produce clean page markup and accessible navigation to show that: We practice what we preach. Since first publishing our company site in June 2006, we have been pleased by the positive customer response. We will continue to provide free, valuable design information and good links to even more information for business owners.

A business opportunity with SEO web site designers?

As an independent web design professional, you believe that you could provide a guaranteed quality, web site design component to our clients, please feel free to submit a request to be considered for inclusion on our list of preferred suppliers. Simply send us an email stating who you are, what you do and some examples of your work. We will evaluate your submission on its merits and advise you of our opinions. (All submissions will remain strictly confidential.)

SEO Business Designer Preferred Supplier Submission

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Before you make the mistake of hiring an award winning website designer, please think about:

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