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Why we answer SEO questions

Answering questions is simply what an SEO does

How to find a website optimizer

What's the difference between SEO and an SEO?

Answer: SEO v. means Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of creating or re-writing web pages that search engines will list at the top of their search results pages. (SERP) Although it sounds pretty simple, it's not. Search engines rank web pages by the information content quality they provide, period. Writing topic focused information on each web page is just the beginning. Knowing who the information is intended for, is the single most important question in search engine optimization. Most optimization techniques involve educated guessing about which keyword phrases that a specific user group might use to find your web site. The web site that provides the most relevant answers to those keyword phrases will rank at the top of the search results. Pages that rank near the top of the search results will attract more visitors. For every business web site, this is critical to creating a profitable website and every business needs to find new customers to become successful.

Answer: SEO n. also means Search Engine Optimizer

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimizer. Many SEOs provide useful services for website owners, from writing copy to giving advice on site architecture and helping to find relevant directories to which a site can be submitted. However, a few unethical SEOs have given the industry a black eye through their overly aggressive marketing efforts and their attempts to unfairly manipulate search engine results.

Answer: A good search engine optimizer is usually a professional website designer who specializes in re-writing web pages to fix previous design mistakes. White hat SEOs understand the important aspects of presenting good, unique information, valid web page markup, re-writing good page titles proper heading and title use and important meta tags , in the manner that search engines approve. Every good SEO also knows how to make a website user friendly.


Question: Do you provide free SEO information?

Answer: In a word, "definitely!" Our entire web site is devoted to providing free information to people planning a business website. We provide an "index file" of the important search engine optimization information pages on this site. At the bottom of this page you will find links to all the major search engines results pages for even more search engine optimization information. Simply press any search engine name to get their results page.

Question: Why is SEO expensive?

Answer: Designing, building and publishing a new company web site can be a significant business investment. To be a profitable investment, you need to generate new customers. If nobody but your "friends" visit your site, you wasted all the money you invested! Search engines should provide more than 90% of the visitors to a business web site. To do that, they need to rank your web pages high enough to attract visitors. If you calculate how many new customers you need, to cover a $200-500/page fee, you can quickly determine if optimization will be profitable. If it's not, you probably don't even need a company website! Since we guarantee your website's performance, your web site investment risk is reduced.

Will we get millions of visitors to our website?

Answer: This is probably the most common misconception for new website owners. There are well over 200 million websites already on the world wide web. With millions of new web pages being added daily, having your site rank high enough to be found, is the real SEO challenge . In reality, without good optimization practices, your web site might not get any unsolicited visitors!


Question: Can you SEO a FrontPage, .php or Joomla website?

Answer: FrontPage websites need lots of work to achieve good ranking results on any search engine not affiliated with Microsoft. FrontPage produces web pages by a wysiwyg software package that is best viewed with Internet Explorer. They rarely validate, offer poor accessibility features and generally don't rank well on search results. Even MicroSoft finally dumped the product, then came out with new ways for you to mess up dynamically!

Dynamically generated web pages, like those produced by .aspx, .PHP and Joomla, as well as other content management systems or cms have issues well beyond simple SEO techniques to fix. Since pages are produced by accessing a database on the fly, content can change for each user. This can cause problems for search engines, when the page names are only a string of code. Session identifiable features of a cms, allow websites to gather and store visitor information, without their knowledge or consent. This creates serious privacy issues for business owners, since governments everywhere are concerned about the problem of identity theft and are requiring business to take measures to protect customers from fraud. Accessibility is also not well supported on dynamic web pages. However, it's amusing that search engines produce search results pages dynamically, but rank static xhtml pages higher, most of the time. Since dynamically generated web sites create serious privacy and security issues, we explain the cost/benefit of SEO and their CMS to every client before attempting to improve their site. This is no place to let an inexperienced SEO play around!

Question: What is Ethical search engine optimization?

Answer: There are many forms of unethical search engine optimization used by web site developers. Repeating key phrases over and over for no purpose, is probably the most common. Although temporarily effective, every unethical technique has it's risks. Search engines do not tolerate deceptive practices for very long. When discovered, the site is usually de-indexed! Ethical search engine optimization involves carefully presenting information in the best way possible. Long term search results are far more important than short term gains. Well optimized web sites usually improve their search results over time.

Question: How long does it take to see the results of good SEO?

Answer: Good search engine optimization methods take time to mature. Many search engines will scan your site several times before giving your web pages the ranking result they deserve. It also appears that some search engines only update their databases every month or so. We usually see dramatic results in 3-6 months. Since we monitor every site we build, we also make subtle changes to the web pages and page titles for at least six months. Search engine optimizing is a process, not an event. We track your website performance statistics for the full year after we publish a website.

Why an SEO asks questions

One of the first questions we ask a potential client is: How long did you spend reading our information pages before making contact? If they answer: Several hours, over a few weeks. We know that they already understand the value of our services, how we do things and have probably confirmed our search engine search results. If not, we suggest that they read a few more pages, so we can all start from a common understanding and not waste each other's time covering all the information that they need to know. Although we certainly enjoy answering good questions, we have already spent more than 1000 hours providing good answers, by building a good website. Every good SEO will ask a lot of questions, before agreeing to work for a new client. Good websites answer questions and so good business web sites are designed to help new customers find answers. We're not SEO experts and anyone who believes they are, should probably be avoided. The web is expanding and evolving so rapidly and search engines evolve with it, that its not possible to know everything about SEO, even at a given time. We're constantly learning something new, because we've already learned how to ask the right questions!

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