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What does optimized mean?

How to build an optimized website is also how to build a good website

How can I get a good website?

If you want to get a good website, start with a good information plan

BEFORE you can build an optimized web site, you need to develop a topic important information plan. Gathering all the detailed information is only the start of a website planning and optimizing process. Good design is all about providing quality website information. Your new customers will only find good information sites when they use a search engine anyway, because they're looking for answers. Search engine optimizing, is simply about how well the important information on a website is written. Content will always be King . When we design a new business website, we begin by asking a lot of questions about your customer. Knowing what your customers ask questions about, helps us get a clear picture of the search phrases your site must contain for customers to find your site with a search engine. The explanations you give to the questions we ask, determine what information your potential customers will search the web for. We simply help them find your company website by helping them find the best answers to their questions.

If you define optimized as simply being the most efficient or achieving the best performance possible, an optimized web page and a good web page, are the same. However, understanding the difference between a customer's perception of your business and yours, is absolutely critical to building a successful business web site. You can write about the services or products you provide, but your customer may want more information. Providing detailed descriptions of your business from a customer's perspective, will provide the best quality information to each visitor and help your site get good results on search engines. Understanding how search engines work, is the only way to understand how to get a website that works for your business.

What is an overly optimized website?

Graphic designers and search engine marketers have complained for years that the only reason their sites failed to get good search results, was because search engine optimizers were overly optimizing web sites. The fact that they couldn't build a quality web site, didn't seem important to mention. Overly optimized doesn't really exist. Any site that tries to manipulate search results, such as keyword stuffing, link farms, and other Black Hat SEO methods, will quickly be de-indexed by search engines! If you simply write good web pages, you will always get good search results, period.


What do search engines look for on a web site?

Every visitor is searching to find good answers to important questions. Each web page on your site should provide detailed answers about only one aspect of your business, linked to other web pages that provide expanded explanations. If your visitor is impressed by the great information they find on one page, they will probably visit more pages on your site. You simply can't tell your entire story on one page, and expect search engines to believe that a company website is important.

A guide to building a good website

How websites find new customers for your business


Can customers find answers on your site?

By the time a potential customer leaves your website the first time, will they have:

If your answer is probably not to any (or all of) these questions, you didn't get a very good website the first time!

How to get good web pages for your site

Your Home page is the focal point of your web site. Although it should contain hyperlinks to all of your information pages, it's not the only important web page on your web site. Like a book, your home page is only the index of your website's information pages. Many web sites try to tell their entire story on their Home Page and forget about saving specific information for the rest of the site. Your web site pages should cover EVERYTHING you do, but each page should be about one topic. Building a real search engine optimized website requires each web page to concentrate on a specific subject and provide important and unique information about that topic only. Search engines love clear and specific information. Too many topics on a given page confuses them (and everyone else too)!

Our Home Page explains: How to get a website for business

It uses terms that describe a what a good website means. It also contains links to every important section of web pages, about each topic. Your business has important business information that needs to be explained on specific web pages too. Our focus is: optimized business web sites. We do not build any other type of site. As you tour our web site, you will note that each page has specific information described in the page title. Following this simple format, will help you build a great website!

Should you find our information useful and wish to link directly to this web page, simply copy and paste the following link text onto any of your site's pages:

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Internet search for good website information

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