A good website with good information will get good results!

A good website has no session time limit and is accessible to people with disabilities. An assistive technology, user friendly website.

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Describe a good website?

What is a good website?


How good website features help you get a good website!

Every good site on the web or www, is designed to provide good information to a specific audience. A good web site is always about what the customer wants and is never simply about what a website owner wants. Every SEO website is a good example of what a website is really for, usable information! A simple website fact: Websites that get good results are not cheap websites.

Explain what good website design means

What is a good design for a website?

Good web site design isn't just about pretty colors, groovy graphics, and knocking out code with software like Dreamweaver. While a terrible look can certainly kill a site, even the fanciest design can't help a site that doesn't provide reliable information of value to visitors in a sensible and easy-to-use format. Good website design requires substantial planning, and takes into consideration not just visual design but also the content, tone and the way information is arranged, as well as accessibility and for people ( usability) with varying degrees of ability. None of these things are developed in isolation: all of them ideally support one another.

Written by: E. Marie Robertson    How to design a good website

College of Letters & Science at the University of California, Berkeley

A quality website gives every website user lots of usable information

A good design helps to create an important website:


What is a good business website?

Good business website features

Beyond the important design features above, every good business website must include:

Descriptions provide the best information

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Do you know how a website finds customers, or what good business features are?

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