Why do websites fail to find customers?

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Why have a website if it's going to fail?

Why business web sites fail to find potential customers!

Why do so many website owners fail to understand what website customers want?


A business website fails for the same reasons a business fails.

A business fails when there is not enough business to survive. The same holds true for a business web site. Websites fail when they fail to find new customers and become profitable. It's easy to explain why a website fails to find customers. Potential customers will not even find your website, if you don't provide enough good information to impress search engines and get good search results. Most business owners see a company website as simply another advertising expense. It's not. A good website can be the most powerful marketing tool imaginable, if it can solve customer problems. It doesn't matter what a website costs, if potential customers can't find your website when they use a search engine, it will not work.

Many company websites simply fail to give customers what they want

Business websites often provide information that seems important to business owner, but isn't important to a website visitor. Website designers are highly motivated to give a business owner a beautiful website to impress the owners friends and employees. After all, the business owner wants everyone to tell them that their new website looks great. Unfortunately, this is also the shortest route to a costly website failure. Then the owner complains that getting a business website wasn't a good business investment!

Reasons for website failure


Beautiful websites aren't actually designed to fail!

When you understand that potential customers are searching the Internet to find information about a company that has the best answers, you can begin to understand why the most successful websites provide high quality information instead of only pictures of information. Beautiful sites rarely focus on the information that customers are searching for, since they are usually more concerned about providing only the information that the business owner wants to give them. Although it's a common mistake, it can be avoided if you focus on the answering all the questions customers ask you in person. You can give more complete answers to each question, on a good website, than you have time for in person.

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