What is a good design for a good business website?

Good websites have no session time limit and are accessible to people with disabilities. Assistive technology, user friendly websites.

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What is a good web site?

What is a good design for a business web site?

What is a business design or is a website good for business ?


What is a good website? Is a website a good investment? What is a good website name?

What is a good website design ? (hint: it's about customer perspective)

A good design web site from a retail store perspective

A good retail store web site is hard to find. Retail store websites are often designed to look like flyers. To a retailer, a good website displays images of merchandise. Although retail store designs do not usually provide detailed business information, or even valid web pages, you can get quick reference information if you don't have any disabilities. Many retail sites are not even accessible to section 508 standards. Legal requirements for websites are often ignored. Retail web sites often use SEM and affiliate links to help find customers. Fortunately, this type of website can often rank well on search engines, with even a little seo . What is a good seo? An seo helps you create a good company web site design that is also an accessible website for all your potential customers. This is even more important if you also need a mobile friendly website as well.

What is a good corporate web site design?

Good corporate web site designs (from a corporate perspective) promote the corporate image to visually display featured products or services. Corporate sites often use elaborate navigation and animated graphics, which make corporate sites look great, but difficult to find information. Image is everything for a corporate web site, so they want a website that looks good, even if it's not very usable. A beautiful web site isn't always a good web site and the most successful web sites are not very beautiful designs.

Good corporate web site designers

Before you assume that all corporate web site designers are web site experts, validate a web page on a site they built and then test for accessibility. You might be surprised by how poorly most corporate sites are written. Investor information is often a prominent feature, so who is the web site written for? A big corporate web site can cost 40-50 million dollars to design and publish and millions more each year to maintain. With that kind of business investment, investing even more money just to advertise a website almost makes sense! Corporate websites almost never validate, are not very accessible and rarely rank very high in the search engine results for any search phrase that doesn't include the company name. They don't need to care what a website costs. Your business probably does!


What is a good web design for a government web site?

Government web sites in the industrialized world, are usually very concerned about accessibility, so most use valid markup. They tend to be usable designs that are easy to navigate. Common look and feel helps web site users find their way around the website. Please read why an accessible design can be a legal requirement if you do business with a government.

What is a business website and how to get a business website?

A good design for search engines?

Good website design tips from Google.com

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A good design from a graphic designer's perspective

Graphical website designers focus on the beautiful web page effects and usually ignore all the important design components of a good website design. If any visitors actually find your website, they may be very impressed with the beautiful graphic design before they go searching for good information! A website is not display advertising. It's not about winning website design awards. It's always about providing quality information to every visitor, because customers want information. Please read about: Graphics design.

Good web design from a business website designer perspective

What is a business web site and what are good web site features?

Every good business website design must include:

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A good company website is a good source of new customers!

A good web site design from every company web site owner's perspective.

As the owner of a business website, profitability is the single most important reason to make an investment in a website. The first step toward a profitable website design, is to understand your customer's priorities. Finding the right balance between good presentation effects and quality information, will ultimately determine the profitability of a website. Your website must provide the best solutions to your customers problems, or your website will not be important to anyone... but you!

The only web site design opinion that matters is: your potential customers!

What is a good website to a customer? Your potential customers must be able to find the right website, just to form an opinion! Too many business website owners, focus all their attention on what happens AFTER someone finds their site. Beautiful business websites can be great for a business owner's ego, but a financial disaster, when nobody can find the website. Your customers are always trying to find business information. Visitors come to your website hoping to find high quality information. Even then, only if your site is listed on the first page search results. See why good page titles help that happen. Designing websites for business is not quite as simple as it might appear, so a good website for business is not a cheap business website.

Our business website was designed to help business owners find good website design information.

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Before you try to design an award winning website, please find good answers to the following questions:

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