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What is a business web site?

A good business website will help potential customers find your business

What is a business website and what is a good business website, is often what business owners learn the hard way!


To a potential customer, a business website is how to find information about a business

That's why good business website designers explain good business website design

Why hire a business website designer?

Every successful business works hard to establish business credibility with a potential customer to show they give good customer service. The credibility of a business web site is largely dependant on the quality of information it provides. The business image portrayed by your company website will either enhance or damage a business image. Many beautiful business websites lose a lot of new customers by simple not being professional. Every potential customer needs to feel safe and secure , for your website to portray the same professional business image that your real world business portrays to your real world customers. Your site needs to provide good information from a customer's perspective, to be credible. Good sites include good links to other business information websites. Every successful business web site has proven this and a good business designer can explain how to make a website work for you too.

What is a good website to your customer?

Why a good company website isn't ABOUT .... WHAT THE COMPANY NEEDS!

A good business site already has the answers to CUSTOMER QUESTIONS

It's always about helping your potential customer find information about a business. Every visitor that can find a business site the first time, stays for only one reason; quality information. Information to answer an important question. Information about how to solve a problem. Information about how to find good links to more free information! It's always about finding the right information. If your website has the best answers, they come back for even more information. Visitors won't come to simply admire your beautiful website. Unless you're in the arts and entertainment business, entertaining your visitors with elaborate graphics and animated features may even be offensive. Your beautiful graphics, can get in the way of all the important information that your customer is searching for. Very few businesses thrive on hype and dazzle. So why are so many business web sites using dazzling website design technology instead of important website information? You probably know the answer. Most business sites were designed by professional web site designers! In the website design business, it's easy to get lost in the latest web technology and lose sight of the only important business web site objective: Get a good website to find new customers for a business.

With every business website component we build, we ask a simple question: Is it really important, to the customer's customer? Good information wins every time. Finding business information sites is not always easy. Your potential new customers were trying to find quality information, when they find your web site the first time. A good seo can help you build a good business information site that can find new customers for your business. This is even more important for a business to business website.

Please read: What is a website and How a website finds customers, before you waste a lot money getting one.


You work hard to understand what customers want from your business. We understand the needs of our customers too!

Our potential customer is an informed business owner, who needs a website to find new customers and they already own a successful business. They made a poor business investment in a useless website a few years ago and understand why they need to get a better website now. They're trying to find information about the business advantages of having a friendly business website. They're also trying to find credible business information, because they don't want to make another costly website mistake. They usually make good business decisions, so they're looking for quality website information and good value. They want a credible, professional business service provider who will guarantee their work, because they're not dazzled by hype anymore!

It's quite simple. We understand who our customer is, the business facts they want, what's important in business and how people use a search engine to find an answer. They need to find a good business website designer because what a website costs isn't important to a business, if it doesn't find new business. Our potential client has already discovered that a cheap business website, is definitely not a good website for business!

We use the same process for every business web site we design. We design and hand build each web page to match each business's unique business opportunities. Since we accept very few business web site projects, we can continue to focus on producing quality business websites. Although most business website designers try to impress clients, with a beautiful website, lots of cute slogans and all the ego boosting words they can fit on a web page, we don't. Our first priority is to impress your potential customer with quality information, before trying to impress your friends, employees and family with your new company website.

Web sites designed to find a company are a unique class of web site. The World Wide Web was never intended for business use, even though the explosive growth of the Internet, now has millions of business web sites. The vast majority of these commercial sites are useless business websites that simply don't survive.

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Business designers must be able to explain a business website

Providing credible, understandable, business answers to each visitor, accomplishes ( business objectives ) for our company:

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That's why our business web site explains what makes a website successful!

We design, build, search engine optimize and maintain business websites. Our business website information pages describe specific aspects of good business design. Most of our team members own and manage a website business. Our Supervising Project Manager has been a business and design consultant for many years. In brief, we each know about good business. We understand the challenges, opportunities, problems and business solutions that business owners must deal with everyday. Giving your customer valuable, experienced and the best answers about your unique business solutions, is what you do for free everyday. Our web site is designed to help a business owner find the information about successful business websites that can help them make informed business decisions.

Important business websites always have good business features

Many of the people in the SEO business, focus their website designs to create a Google friendly website rather than a user friendly website. Although Google gets more than half of all search engine queries worldwide, they are not the only search engine. Google is probably the best search engine for company names or brand name product search results. It is frequently the worst search engine for good business information sites. Google's page ranking system focuses on names, more than information descriptions. Other search engines can often be better at finding concept information for their top search results. Getting a website written for human visitors, is far more important than simply trying to impress Google. Writing good web pages, building good links and writing good page titles will impress Google and improve your website ranking with every search engine.

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Before you make the mistake of designing an award winning business website:

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