What a website is supposed to do for a company

A good website is an accessible website that has no session time limit. A user friendly website.

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Define a web site?

Why have a website or what is a good website?

How to get a website?


What is a company website good for?

What is a website for business?

When you visit many business websites, it's obvious that the business owner didn't know how to answer the most important website question, What is a website before they simply decided to get a website to represent their business. Until you have a good understanding of the answers to that question, don't make a bad investment in a website that doesn't work! As with many common terms that evolve, a website is not completely accurate. Any site on the World Wide Web is defined as a website and so WEB SITE is the technically correct term. So what is a website that's good for business? A good business website of course! Since this is simply a website about designing websites or more accurately a website for business, it's simply a website about web sites. Is a website good to have?

A website Term Definition: Source: McMaster University

A set of interconnected web pages, usually including a home page, generally located on the same server, and prepared and maintained as a collection of information by a person, group, or organization.

A web site defined by a good website designer

A web site is simply an information resource. It might contain only one, or thousands of individual web pages. A web site can be (almost) anything that the author or website owner chooses. Every website has the potential to provide unique and important human knowledge to the world. However different in appearance and information content, every publicly accessible site on the World Wide Web shares important website components:

Beyond the basic website protocols, each website design can be as unique as the imagination of the website designer.


What is a good design for a website?

There are millions of web sites published each year for the sole purpose of entertaining or amusing a select audience. Anyone can get a website. A general interest website could include:

A real website will provide real information to someone. Even if a website is simply designed to rant about controversial topics, it can still provide good information to someone. The purpose of the World Wide Web is to provide quality information to anyone who wants it, 24/7/365. Opinions, research studies, personal experiences and even raw data, contribute something to the body of human knowledge.

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What is a good website and do you know how to find a good website?

A website is simply digital information, so a good design will include:

Every good website will receive search engine referral visitors. How many, depends on how much quality information, the website contains. Every search engine tries to provide their users with the best information websites, listed on their search results pages ( SERP ). Please read: How search engines rank a website for a more detailed explanation.

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What is an accessible web site?

Website accessibility allows everyone to access and use the information provided on the website. People with disabilities often have difficulty using a website. Website accessibility features, make it simpler for all website users.

What is a good business website?

A good business web site design will provide every website visitor with good information about the business activities, products, services and history. Simply stated, business website owners need to know, good business web sites are written to provide good answers to customer questions before they're even asked! Understanding and meeting website customer needs is what every successful website already does. So a good website asks, How can we help you? While a bad website tells customers, We don't care, so our website only gives you the information we want you to know! And that's exactly why websites fail to become profitable. Publishing the best information on a business web site, will make your website a good business investment.

This website is simply a good example of a B2B website.

What is an optimized website?

A search engine optimized website is simply a good web site, with good information that has been written to help find new customers for your company. There is no magic formula to building a good website. Just play by the WWW rules for good web site design.

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What is a bad website?

A bad website simply wastes your time and provides no important information to anyone. Some website designers will publish multiple copies of the same bad design, in the mistaken belief that this will improve their search engine ranking. These duplicate websites only serve the financial interests of the website designer. If a quality website provides unique information to visitors, a bad web site provides nothing but outdated or duplicate website information. Bad websites usually have bad use of graphics, poor navigation, bad links and bad menus. Bad websites won't validate, are not accessible, but they're often websites that look good! Do you want a successful website, or will you simply let a graphic artist design another bad company website? Want to find some good examples of bad web sites or a good website example?

What good is an award winning website?

A web site is about information and not beautiful website awards. Website awards are for designer egos, but don't really mean much to anyone else. Your customers want to find information about your products or services on your site. Although they may appreciate how good a website looks for a moment, if it doesn't provide them with good answers to their questions, they'll leave anyway. Leave website designer awards to graphic designers and design a website to find new customers. The best website award, is a new customer for your business!

If you already understand how to get a website, do you know:

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