What is the cost of a website that will find new customers?

A good website has no session time limit and is accessible to people with disabilities. An assistive technology, user friendly website.

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What does a website cost?

Why web site design costs and website hosting costs should always be quoted

What does a good website cost?


About website design costs and website hosting costs

What does a basic website cost?

What does a basic business look like? Since we have never seen a basic business, we would have no idea how to build a good website for it! A good website has the information customers want. Every business is unique and a good designer will design a unique website for each business website owner. Although you can always get a website for free, what are the costs to lose a customer to a competitor? Unless you still believe all the website myths, a good business website is actually expected to find new customers for your business! That's why this site explains how to get a business website. The initial costs for a business website must be considered a business investment in the future of your business or it's simply a waste of money, regardless of what a website costs you initially. If you actually want a website to find customers, getting a cheap website is usually a costly mistake.

Our website client is cost protected by our money back guarantee. When you request website design or website optimizing services, you will be given a firm costs quote, which includes a list of measurable deliverables. No vague promises and no costly surprises! The costs to fix mistakes can be avoided, if you find a good business designer to begin with.


A good business website costs nothing in the long term!

Designing websites for business is not a game. When you decided to get a business website, it should benefit your business. The only reason to have a company website, is to help a potential customer find you the first time. A website that fails to find customers is simply a costly business mistake, regardless of what it cost. The initial cost of a good website should be repaid many times over. If not, why have a company website to begin with? The costs to design a business website always depend on the competition your site will face in your trade area. Our site competes in arguably the largest business category on the entire world wide web. You can find website designers everywhere! To date, we have invested more than 1000 hours in this site for that simple reason. If we had to pay the cost of a good web designer, the realistic costs would be nearly $75,000 dollars. Since a business website must find potential customers to be profitable, good search engine results will ultimately determine how cost effective it is to have a company website. Your potential customers know how to search with a search engine, simply because the web is how to find information about a company that can help you find good answers. Unless your website will eventually get results on the search engine listings, all those potential customers will become someone else's new customer!

We frequently hear of high cost websites, finding no new customers, getting no search engine referrals and having existing customers complain that they can't use the website, even if they can find it! The costs of a user friendly site can be the best business investment you ever make. This site describes a website that's good for business. Our search engine results for how to get a good website and how to find good information, prove that we certainly know how to get good search results. Although an average website costs far less than what a good business website costs, the search engine results prove that you will always get what you pay for. What does it cost to get a first place result out of 2 or 3 billion web pages? Ask us for a quote!

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Business web site design costs are based on the web page component costs

It takes specific components to build a good web page. Each component takes time to build. The most time consuming, and therefore the most costly component of a web page is important text information. Writing for the web is a lot different than simply writing advertising copy.

Writing a good web page can take 8-20 hours

Average web page costs

  • 1-3 hours *
  • 1-2 hours
  • 3-7 hours
  • .5-1 hours
  • 1.5-3 hours
  • 1-4 hours
  • Total time/web page: 8-20 hours

Obviously, economy of scale will make a 100+ page website less costly/page than a 10-15 page website. Each of the above components has an hourly rate, depending on the skill and experience required. A good graphic artist will get $20-40/hour. A good technical writer charges $25-50/hour. A good programmer will cost $25-60/hour and a good optimizer will cost $60-300/hour. Our search engine optimizer obviously understands how to get good results on search engines and only charges $100/hour for optimizing a website. Since each business website project is unique, the costs are different for each type and size of site. The only way to get an accurate cost for a website, is to understand what you want and then ask for a fixed costs quote. Asking any web designer, How much is a website , without defining what you expect a website to accomplish, is a sure way to get a website that won't work! We hope to dispel the website myth that you can simply hire a good web designer for $20/hour! What you're hiring, is a kid that has learned how to build a beautiful website with a text editor. You could do it yourself for free! Good business websites are hand built, by professional website designers.

* A good website design will be the same on every page of a website. Once you have the basic layout, it can be duplicated on every web page. It usually takes a team, a full day to get it right.

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What should a website cost?

What kind of website do you want? Average website costs can only be based on what you expect a website to do for your company. If you simply want a website to be able to tell your family and friends that you have one, you can build it yourself for free. If you want an ecommerce website, the costs will be a lot higher. Somewhere in between, you can build a cost effective business web site, that will find new customers for your business. Read a sample cost agreement?

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