What makes a valid website, a good business investment?

A valid website is more accessible, usable and must have no session time limit to be accessible to people with disabilities.

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What is a valid website?

Why have a valid website and is a valid website important?

A valid website is the key to an accessible website


Valid web pages will eventually rank higher

The more sophisticated the search engine, the more important a valid business website becomes. Every search engine organization is working to constantly improve the quality of their search results. Websites that have too many markup errors are already being de-indexed by some search engines and dropped from their databases. In the future, invalid websites could lose ranking position in dramatic fashion. Valid web sites are very simple for search engines to crawl, index and rank. A validated website is your assurance of longevity at the top of the search results and you can't begin to solve customer problems, if they can't find your business information on a search engine results page! ( SERP )

You should also note that some major search engines, continue to place little value on valid websites. In our opinion, this violates the premise that the world wide web is built on. However, others appear to place a higher value on valid markup and give bonus ranking points for properly written, valid pages. Someday, Google may actually start to follow their own webmaster guidelines and put some real effort into formal, valid markup verification for their page ranking algorithm. But, don't hold your breath!

Should wish to follow a step-by-step process for cleaning up an invalid website, see the W3C recommendations for fixing invalid websites. How do you validate a website?

A valid menu will help a business web site to get good search results

Menus are links to other website information. Valid hypertext links help any website to improve search results. Search engines value links with good keyphrases and rank websites with good links higher than those with only pictures of links .

What makes a website valid?

One definition of a valid website, is a site that provides valid website information. Providing valid information for visitors, is the only valid reason to publish a website in the first place. Good websites provide current information that is verifiable through other web resources and has contact information for the authors.


Why have a valid web site?

What is a valid web page? Beyond valid information, valid web page markup, will make a website usable for every visitor. Valid xhtml web pages, makes this (or any other website), more accessible to people with disabilities.

A valid website may not always be a good website, but a good website is always valid .

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Is a valid website a good investment?

A W3C standards compliant website has some surprising benefits. A valid site is easier to maintain, upgrade, expand and therefore far less costly in the long term. Operating costs in terms of bandwidth usage, are lower due to increased efficiency. Using valid markup allows any competent person to maintain site validation. A valid foundation means you're not dependant on any one service provider to maintain the website. Valid web pages load faster, because the web browser doesn't need to compensate for poor page code markup. This can really help visitors navigate around your site quickly, which creates a user friendly website. Making it easy for your site visitors, is always good for business. W3C validated sites are easier to find.

Most company websites are designed, re-designed and then re-designed again. Each time a new designer uses invalid markup, the process starts from scratch, or the site gets less usable and accessible with each re-write. You lose customers if your site isn't usable. Insisting that your website be written in valid html markup, has all the important meta tags and valid links, is always a valid business request. Before you hire a web designer, validate their website. If a website doesn't validate, a professional website designer didn't build it. Please, validate our website! W3C has some good tools for website owners, to help with validation. Then read a valid website checklist.

To put valid web site markup in perspective:

If your company purchased a newspaper ad and the only words spelled correctly were the company name or the business owner's name, you would certainly refuse to pay for the ad! Then why pay a web designer who can't write a valid web page, when they will continue to embarrass your company for years? We explain how to get a business website that works.

This is a valid xhtml 1.0 Strict website

Valid website links are important to every website

Should you find that this website information is valid and wish to link directly to this web page, simply copy and paste the following link text onto any of your site's pages:

<a href=" http:// www.seowebsitesdesigners.com/designing_websites/valid_website.html">What is a valid web site?</a>


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