What makes a web site usable by everyone?

A good website has no session time limit and is accessible to people with disabilities. An assistive technology, user friendly website.

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What makes a website usable?

Usable business web sites are designed to help users become customers!

A usable web site will always find more users!


A usable website is accessible

Usability is the most important feature of a good website. Unless your site will help users find information quickly and easily, they will leave your site and your investment in a website was a waste of time and money. When you design a website for users, you might be surprised how search engines rank your website. Every search engine organization tells webmasters to write a website for people, not search engines. Very few website designers listen. Accessibility is an important feature of every business website. Good business websites are usable by every potential customer. We designed this site to help business owners, find usable information, that can help them to make the business decisions that build a usable company website and how to avoid making mistakes. Usable features include a good sitemap, a usable menu and a description of how to use the site.

Why unusable web sites fail to find customers

When you use a site like eBay or Craigslist, you quickly discover how easy they are to use. Search engines also try to give their users an easy to use website. Search engines are some of the most successful sites on the WWW, so usability must be an important feature. Good text information is what makes a web site successful. Beautiful websites are often unusable, simply because they focus on presentation effects and forget about the user experience. People use websites for only one important reason, to find information! A business web site must provide that information in a usable format, to be credible. If your site isn't usable by customers, why have a company website? Providing usable information is the best way to make a website profitable. Read more about more usable websites .

Usable websites answer questions

Every good web site is designed to answer user questions. Unless your users find answers quickly, they will find them somewhere else! Your customers want answers. Please read: a definition of usable.


How to design a usable web site?

Using simple text menus can greatly increase the usability of a website. Javascript menus and menus that use cute little icons, instead of words, can easily confuse users. Font colors and font sizes are critical usability components. Good web pages are usable by people with disabilities. This means creating web pages that are easy to read by everyone and simple to navigate. Access keys can certainly help create a more usable web site and a site search feature improves usability. A good site map makes your site more usable. A good website menu helps too. Avoiding flash animation can make your site usable. Good page titles will make your website more usable. Using meta tags properly, makes your site more usable. Links to good information always makes a website more usable.

In summary: If you write good web pages, you'll make your web site usable by the widest audience. User controlled display options can greatly enhance the way a user experiences a website. The most usable websites always get the best results and that gets more people to use your website.

Award winning web sites rarely answer user questions!

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