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How to get a mobile friendly website

A good website has no session time limit and is an accessible website. An assistive technology, user friendly web site.

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How to find a mobile website or why is mobile friendly important?

Want to know how to get a mobile website?


What can a mobile web site do for a company?

What is a business web site on the mobile web?

The mobile web is becoming very important to business owners who might have customers who need to find information about a company, when they're mobile. Although there are a lot of sites on the World Wide Web that claim to be mobile websites, most are not mobile friendly. Why? Most mobile designers have no idea about what the mobile web is or how people search the mobile web. Searching on a mobile phone or PDA is not as easy as using a desktop computer. Some of the most unfriendly mobile sites on the mobile web belong to self proclaimed mobile website designers! So we'll start by defining a website on the World Wide Web:

A website Term Definition: Source: McMaster University

A set of interconnected web pages, usually including a home page, generally located on the same server, and prepared and maintained as a collection of information by a person, group, or organization.

Define the mobile web

Wikipedia - mobile website

The Mobile Web refers to using a Mobile phone handset device incorporating a Web browser to access the World Wide Web. The total number of mobile web users grew past the total number of desktop computer-based web users for the first time in 2008 (source: International Telecommunications Union, Oct 2009)

Mobile Web access today still suffers from interoperability and usability problems. Interoperability issues stem from the platform fragmentation of mobile devices, mobile operating systems, and browsers. Usability problems are centered around the small physical size of the mobile form factor (limited resolution screens and user input/operating limitations).

The W3C Mobile Web Initiative is a new initiative set up by the W3C to develop best practices and technologies relevant to the Mobile Web. The goal of the initiative is to make browsing the Web from mobile devices more reliable and accessible. The main aim is to evolve standards of data formats from Internet providers that are tailored to the specifications of particular mobile devices. The W3C has published guidelines (Best Practices, Best Practices Checker Software Tool) for mobile content, and is actively addressing the problem of device diversity by establishing a technology to support a repository of Device Descriptions.

SEO Mobile Design

We define a mobile web as:

The mobile web is a sub-set of special web sites on the World Wide Web. The mobile web is being developed to allow access to information, using a mobile device. In some countries, searching the web means searching the mobile web. The importance of the mobile web can only be understood in a mobile context. Mobile devices now number in the billions, with millions more being sold each year. Nearly every cell phone, PDA and Smartphone has a mobile web browser. What this means to business owners is that potential customers are using mobile devices to search the web to find company web sites in growing numbers. Getting a mobile web site might be necessary, if your customers are frequently mobile when they need to find information. The reality of mobile web sites, means small. Although mobile devices continue to improve, they are still much slower than a desktop computer. Data transfer from a mobile site to a mobile device is via a wireless or cellphone connection, so it can be expensive to surf the web on a hand held device. Mobile web pages must download quickly, so they must be less than 10KB of text and markup code, to be valid mobile. Very few sites validate as mobile user friendly, which makes many sites difficult to use. Designing for a mobile web is very technical and few web designers understand this. Good design on the mobile web also means accessible, since using the mobile web should not be difficult.


What is a good design for a mobile site?

A good mobile website design must include the following features:

Should you wish to see what our mobile website looks like on your desktop computer, press the mobileOK icon at the top of this page, or simply press this link: How to find a mobile friendly website?

Internet Explorer users should note that some versions may not support .xhtml file extensions and prompt you for permission to open the file. Although valid mobile pages must be served as xhtml, Explorer desktop treats these files as suspicious or executable file types. Explorer mobile expects xhtml files and has no problem opening them. Just one more example of how Microsoft is still behind the times!

If you note the address: www.mobile.seowebsitesdesigners.com/index.xhtml, you can see how different it looks on your mobile device.

What is a mobile web page?

Mobile web page designs must be small and valid or they won't help your company find customers. Pages written for the mobile web must be written for users of small screen devices and so you can't use large graphics or provide very much information on any single page. Writing very specific information on good web pages will get good results on mobile search engines. That's exactly how a good optimizer will optimize web pages. A mobile web page should never use JavaScripts or flash animations because mobile web browsers simply don't support them. Although mobile pages look small and strange on a full sized computer monitor, they can look huge on a mobile device. A well designed web page will contain simple, obvious text links to more good information pages. The most important item to have on every mobile web page, is your phone number and the most important web page on your site, is how to find you. If you need help getting a mobile web site, we're mobile web optimizers.

Valid mobile web sites are designed to conform to valid mobile standards. On a mobile web site, markup errors can create a poor user experience or even make the site useless to potential customers. To be valid, a mobile website must use very small web pages (under 10KB) and at that size, even small mistakes can make a site unusable on a mobile device. W3C recommends that mobile web pages be written in valid XHTML Basic 1.1 and only use valid CSS 1 for stylesheets, since most mobile browsers support these valid formats and Google agrees. A site that will validate to mobile standards, is also more search engine friendly than most of the sites on the mobile web. Good designers will always build a mobile site that will be valid mobileOK. If you decide to get a mobile site, please insist that every page is valid or your site might not find new business for your company and that defeats the purpose of getting a mobile site.

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What is a good website and do you know how to find a good web site?

Finding good information when you're mobile can be difficult. If you know how to find the right website quickly you will save a lot of time and expense.

Sometimes you need find a business or find company information when you're already mobile. Learning how to find web sites efficiently, is the best way to get information on the mobile web, while saving time and money. More importantly, it will help you find the right website.... every time.

To find websites on the mobile web, you need to learn how to use a mobile search engine. Search engines find websites, through the links they find on other sites. When they find a company website, they download the information, then list all the web pages on their search results. Finding mobile friendly websites is a lot more difficult. Very few sites on the World Wide Web were designed for mobile users. Searching when you're mobile, costs money and takes extra effort. To find information with a mobile device, first you need to find a search engine. Then, you need to type your search input phrase on a tiny keyboard. Including the word mobile in your search phrase, will improve your chances of actually finding a website that's mobile friendly. Mobile friendly means that a web page size must be less than 10KB. Not many sites that claim to be valid mobile actually are and this means that mobile users are often paying too much just to find a web site that they can't use. If you decide to get a mobile website, find a mobile designer to help you find new customers with a mobile site.

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What is an accessible mobile web site?

Website accessibility allows everyone to access and use the information provided on the website. That is a critical component on a mobile site.

Accessible websites are very important on the WWW and they are even more important on the mobile web. Most of the sites on the World Wide Web are not accessible to people with disabilities and so they are also not accessible to mobile users either. Getting an accessible mobile site will also help you get good results on mobile search engines, because they look for mobile friendly sites.

We designed our mobile website to be accessible to mobile users, simply because we understand accessible design on the web. This mobile site was only intended to provide mobile design information to our clients who asked about how to get a mobile website for their company. Once we stared building this site, we realized how little good mobile information there was on the web about mobile websites and the confusion that creates for business owners. Now that our site is getting good results on mobile search engines, we can give that same information to anyone who needs it when they're mobile. Now you know why accessible means user friendly and why accessibility matters. To be accessible, a site needs to validate to published standards, offer accessible features to assist in user navigation and be written in a language that is understandable for the largest possible audience.

What is a good mobile business web site?

The modern business world consists of the people who want business information and those who can provide it, instantly. To answer the question, what is a mobile business website, you need to understand that it's not the business that's mobile, it's the people who will use it. If you actually have a mobile business, you probably have a mobile business phone number on your regular website, so it's important that your customers find you when they're mobile too. That's how you become mobile friendly in business.

Like all good business web sites, a mobile business web site needs to provide the business information that your potential customers are already searching the mobile web for. Every business doesn't need a mobile website to be able to find customers, but mobile business web sites are important to any company that might have customers who need to get instant information about a business, while they are mobile or don't have access to a desktop computer. The reality of good business in a mobile world means providing instant answers to customer questions, or lose business to a competitor who can provide them. Since we are good mobile business website designers, we understand how to help your business decide if you need to get a mobile business website.

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What is an optimized mobile web site?

Competition for good ranking results on mobile search engines, means that an optimizer must optimize every web page on a mobile site. An optimized mobile site has pages that validate to W3C mobile standards and good accessibility features to help you find customers for your business.

Although the mobile web has has a lot of good information for mobile users, finding information quickly, is very important to every mobile user. Optimizing a mobile site is a little more difficult than optimizing for the regular web. The mobile web is used by people who know how to search with a mobile device. This means that they can't use the web as easily as the people who use desktop computers. Searching the mobile web can be expensive when you need to pay for every link you follow and download. A good optimizer understands how to make web pages mobile friendly, to get a mobile site good results on search engines.

How a mobile friendly website, a user friendly website and a search engine friendly website are the same website

We always design websites for users, so we know what customers want to find on mobile websites. We use the mobile web a lot and we're often frustrated by how difficult it is to find friendly websites. Unless your mobile web designer understands that user friendly also means accessible, you won't get a mobile friendly site. Access keys are mobile user friendly, good menus are user friendly, simple explanations are user friendly and valid sites are search engine friendly. A good mobile SEO can help you make a site mobile friendly. Do you already know how to find mobile friendly links with a mobile search engine? Search engines look for mobile friendly sites and the best, rank at the top of their search results pages!

Search with a mobile search engine

Mobile versions of search engines are simple to use when you learn how to search. Google tries to indicate which sites claim to be mobile friendly in their search results, by putting a mobile phone symbol beside each item. The rest don't even bother, because there are so few sites that actually are mobile friendly. We care about the future of the web and want to help you get a good mobile site. The mobile web is still growing up and has a long way to go. Learning something about mobile search engines, will help you understand some of the problems with the mobile web and what we can do together, to help your customer to overcome them. The following are direct links to mobile search engines:

Search Google mobile . Search Yahoo mobile . Search bing mobile

If you think you understand how to get a mobile web site, do you know:

Should you find this mobile website information useful and wish to link to this web page, simply copy and paste the following link text onto any of your site's pages:

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