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Good quality websites have no session time limit and are accessible to people with disabilities. Assistive technology, user friendly websites.

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What is a quality website?

Quality information isn't simply beautiful pictures of information!

What is a high quality website and why is quality information hard to find?


What defines a quality website?

Professional quality websites are built on quality information web pages

The term professional quality website is purely subjective. Evaluating any website for its quality components, requires a definition of which elements you are evaluating. Most business websites are a collection of many web pages, with a common theme. They usually employ graphics, text information and possibly some inter-active features or even downloads. Each of these components has a relative quality scale to understand. Before you assume that you can define a quality website read the rest of this page, then do some basic quality research. If you know how to search effectively, you already know how to find quality websites.

Please read: What is a website and What customers want on a website, before you waste a lot of money building one that won't find new customers. Our customers want to know, how to find new customers with a website, or they would have no reason to find a website designer.

Quality business information is the most important website element


What is quality information?

Descriptions of all the unique aspects of your business, are the basis on which potential customers and search engines determine the quality of a website. You have a lot more quality information than you may realize, since much of the knowledge gained in a any field, is simply good experience. Many business owners can talk about the business, without realizing how much valuable background information they are providing. Providing lots of technical information, on separate web pages, is what a quality business web site does. When a customer asks questions in person, you answer in as complete a manner as possible. You explain important terms and important concepts from as many different perspectives, as it takes to have your customer fully understand. Your website needs to function as a complete answer to each visitor's online information request. Although this requires a lot of time and effort the first time, publishing all that information will allow you to refer customers to your web site for complete explanations of the many aspects of your business. Your professional credibility is enhanced when you can say: There's a lot more information on our web site. And that's simply, high quality service! Successful business websites already know what potential customers want. Lots of credible information.

Quality web page markup

Poor quality web pages don't validate, high quality web pages do. Sounds pretty simple, until you realize that most business owners don't know or even care if their web pages validate to W3C standards and most don't! Proper markup is very important to web browsers and some search engines. Very few website designers can or will design a valid website. Until recently, it didn't seem to matter to most search engines. As the next generation of search engine technology evolves, valid markup could eventually determine whether a web page is indexed and ranked by any search engine, or ignored completely. When you realize that web technology is still in it's infancy, the development of professional web sites will continue to evolve into even better information access. You certainly don't want your business web site to become obsolete.

High quality graphics

Our Logo image is not even on this page! See what it really looks like to search engines? You can see what a quality xhtml web page looks like, by pressing the link. (Remember to press the [Backspace] key to return to this page.)

Our logo is not actually part of this page! The html code that "inserts" it into the displayed web page:

<img src="img/seodesigners.jpg" width="80" height="80" alt="Our logo is not actually part of this page!" />

Information can be conveyed to your visitors in a number of ways. A picture tells a thousand words , but only to sighted people, using a computer with a visual display monitor and a graphical web browser. Search engines are blind and so they can't see any web graphics! Visually impaired people have a problem with graphics too. How much information do you think they get from a graphically beautiful website? The answer is often, NONE (because they leave). The proper use of HTML requires that pictures and other website graphics include a text alternative or alt text to describe the graphic element. Placing your cursor or mouse pointer over any graphic should create a small text window with the alternate text explanation. If alt text is missing, the page is not valid HTML markup. Accessible web pages also include a long description [d] for any complex graphic or digital image. Quality graphics will enhance your visitors' experience, while not attempting to replace important website information. Optimizing a website means staying on topic with the information web pages. Quality information is usable by your intended audience.

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Many new business website owners are afraid to provide links to information resources, particularly competitor websites. The intent and purpose of the World Wide Web has always been open source information that could be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Providing good links to other web sites is what the web part of the WWW is all about! To be a highly valued information resource to the world wide web and important search engines, you need to provide outbound links to other high quality information websites. Trying to trap your website visitors is always a no-win scenario . First, your visitor can leave anytime they wish. If your website doesn't provide enough credible answers to the questions they ask, they will push [backspace] to the last search engine results page and look for a better website anyway. People and search engines remember where they can find quality information and come back for more. This includes the website that provided quality links to the best information sites. Second, becoming a valuable information resource, will cause other web sites to want to link to you! The value that search engines and people place on high quality links can't be overstated. Even the best websites could never provide all the best information available on the WWW. Hyperlinks to other resources, will give your website visitors easy access to what they're searching for. Quality information is valuable, so remember to cite the source if you use information from other sites. We have placed links to search engines that will return the search results for each page topic, by simply pressing the search engine name. See: How search engines work for a more complete explanation.

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Professional quality design

New clients often direct us to some beautiful websites, as the starting point in their website design process. Once they understand that high quality websites mean that all the elements are high quality, beautiful slowly begins to lose its importance. While presentation is important to maintain your visitor's attention and provide business credibility, its not the most important website element. Your website is not simply online advertising, that will be seen once and then forgotten! A potential customer might return many times before even contacting you. They may simply come directly to your place of business, if you have an office or retail business. The quality of your website is determined by what people experience, each time they visit. Quality text information, simple menus with text links to more good information and the right graphics and colors, all add to their experience. When people find a good website, they want to come back, so they bookmark your site to remember you when they need your product or service. Who do you think they will contact when they want to buy? New clients often tell us that they came back to our website several times before making their first contact. A user friendly website makes it easy to find new customers. Want to find a quality website designer?

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What do customers want to find an award winning website or a quality information website?

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A web search to find how to find quality website information?

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