Why a business website can be a good business investment

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Is a website a good investment?

Why a website is a good investment

What is a good investment?


A good business investment decision is always based on good business information

To make good investment decisions, you obviously need to understand the risks and long term financial rewards. Getting a good return on investment is always the objective. A business web site can provide any business with a good ROI, if the business owner understands what a website is, what a good website costs and how to make it a profitable investment decision. A web site is only a good investment if it will get good search results. Unless or until you know what makes a website successful, you will likely get talked into building a beautiful website in the mistaken belief that it's what potential customers want to see. Good business designers explain what a business website does for your potential and existing customers. A cheap investment is usually a bad investment. Unfortunately, many web designers are simply graphic artists who will focus on how good your website looks and not how good your web site works. You hear about a business owner investing 20 to 30 thousand dollars, getting a website. Then after a year of admiring their beautiful website (but only getting a few visitors, who don't even contact them) they complain that ....

A website is a bad investment!

With more than 200 million websites on the WWW, it's a good bet that we'll hear this more often. Most business websites are designed to impress business owners, yet completely ignore what customers want from a website. The web is still experiencing growing pains. Very few designers know how to build a valid website, let alone how to design a good web site for a business. Simply put, a good website has good information for visitors. Your potential customers already know how to search and how to find information on the web. If you want customers to find your site, you probably need to find a good seo designer, or be prepared to make a large investment in search engine marketing!

How long does it take to make a good return on investment?

How do you decide what a website should cost? You need to base that decision on what it costs you to continue to lose customers to your competitors. We always do an analysis of who is your potential customer, how large your trade area is and how many people would likely use your products or business services. Once we find the information, we can determine how many new customers your site would generate, if it became highly ranked on the search engines results pages. Because all search engines rank websites that have been online for several years higher than new websites, a website does not become mature for 2-3 years. Instant success on the web is simply a website myth. Since a website is not simply short term advertising, it remains available to your potential customer until they find your website with a search engine. Unless you initially invest in a good information website, you will never get the performance results needed to create a successful business website. If your average sale is a thousand dollars and your profit margin is 20 percent, you can easily see how many new customers you need to generate over a FIVE YEAR PERIOD to justify the initial cost of a good website.

For a business to business website, each new customer could be worth many thousands of dollars a year. It's pretty obvious, that you probably won't find them with a cheap website! Again, what are the costs in lost opportunity for potential customers not to find your website?


Is SEM a good investment?

Search engine marketing is a very short term investment

You can spend a lot of money paying search engines to promote a website. Pay-per-click campaigns can be expensive if your visitors visit, but don't buy anything. Although some sites can benefit from short term marketing campaigns, once you stop paying, potential customers stop coming. Good seo helps your site find new business for the long term. Getting a good bang for your buck, requires that you make good decisions about the cost/benefit of a website, BEFORE you simply build a website and learn the hard way! If any web designer has told you that the only way to get good results on search engines is by paying the search engine, run! A good business designer will explain how search engines work, how to write good web pages and how to find customers with a website. And no, meta tags are no longer very important to SEO !

Buying links is not a good investment

For someone to visit your site, they will likely come from a link on another website. Search engine results pages are one example. Unethical or Black Hat Seo often involves buying links from link farms, to try to manipulate search engine ranking. It simply doesn't work for long and is a waste of your money. Putting your website name on all your stationary and media advertising, will probably get better results than buying worthless links. Successful websites invest in creating a quality visitor experience, to attract new customers. Good websites are where you find good answers to good questions.

A good website is a valuable business asset

When you invest in a good business website, you are adding asset value to your company. When you sell your company, the asset value created by a successful website can greatly increase the value of your company. Since a website is far more than simply goodwill or a short term advertising expense, its value to a company increases with age. The initial cost of a good website is always be included on the asset list for your business, so its important to know how to get a good website.

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