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Find beautiful websites?

Beautiful web sites are rarely successful business websites

We want a beautiful design for our company website!


Beautiful web pages rarely have useful information

Can you find beautiful website designs, for free?

Beautiful website templates are available from many sources. Some designers charge a small fee for allowing you to use their designs, some are free. If initial cost is your only priority, design a beautiful website yourself. You can save the money you would have spent to get a beautiful company website from a website company who's only concern is how beautiful your website looks. There are millions of beautiful websites already indexed and ranked by the major search engines. How well do you think your beautiful template website will perform?

How to get a website that works!

The term beautiful website design usually refers to a visually appealing site or graphically elaborate collection of beautiful web pages. Although a beautiful web site design can also provide the necessary text components to rank near the top of the search engine results pages, they rarely do. Why? Search engines can't see any of the beautiful graphics ( pictures and colors). Your human visitors may love the beautiful pictures on your web pages, but search engines virtually (no pun intended) ignore them completely! Achieving a good balance between graphical presentation to impress your human visitors and great text information content to impress your search engine robot visitors, is not quite as simple as it first appears. A graphical designer can only design a beautiful web site for you. A good business designer will explain what a good business web site is and how to make it a good investment.

How to build a simple web site?

With automated web page design software programs and their beautiful web page templates with "insert text here" designed into the page, almost anyone can produce a really beautiful website that no one but their friends will ever see! FrontPage HTML editor from Microsoft is a good example of web page design software. You simply type your web page text content in your MS Word processor and save it as a beautiful web page ! So simple that you can design a beautiful website in a matter of hours. So what's the problem? FrontPage web pages, like those produced by other text editors, don't follow the W3C HTML rules for writing good web pages that are to be published on the www. Microsoft has since replaced FrontPage with another WYSIWG called Microsoft Expression Web, which is another example of how to produce poor web pages dynamically. They don't validate and only achieve good ranking results on the bing search engine. Many of these beautiful sites can win a design award from the web pages that suck site! With so many graphic artists claiming to be expert website designers, business owners are often misled by self-proclaimed, professional web site designers. Designing a beautiful web site is far less important than designing a good web site for customers. Designing a good web site is always a good business investment.


How many websites are there on the World Wide Web?

According to the Netcraft survey, there were 346,004,403 sites on the web in June 2011. How can a beautiful web site compete for potential customers, if it's simply another example of a bad website?

Please read: What is a website, before you make any important design decisions. A profitable web site is obviously very important for business. The best website design is a website that can find customers. Please read: Mistakes on websites, before you make them.

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A beautiful web site can also be a profitable business website!

Too many business owners get talked into a beautiful website that does not represent or enhance their (online) business image. Designing a business web site that is beautiful, functional and navigable will produce new customers and be profitable for years to come. When you ask your "friends" to critique your website design, you are asking them to tell you what it "looks like." They will probably tell you, website looks beautiful ! While this may be a great boost to your ego, it may not do anything positive for your business.

Good search results will create a beautiful company web site

If YOUR company web site were about good seo information, where do you suspect it would rank out of 100 million results pages? Check the phrase get a good business website ? Or about designing a valid web site and see millions of search results pages. Do you know how to find a good website or a good website designer ? Is your business site competing in a highly competitive market? If so, your beautiful company website (that isn't optimized ) may not rank high enough to even pay for itself, even if it was almost free . To get good search results, you need to know how to write a good web page.

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The best web sites help visitors find information

Providing your web site visitors with great information about your business, new developments, history and your place in it, will attract both search engines and new customers. Writing a truly beautiful web page requires attention to providing specific, topical and focused information. A visually beautiful web page can also be designed to look beautiful to search engine spiders, but it takes some experience, time, talent and effort. This business site was designed to appeal to search engine robots and potential customers first and then include enough visual design appeal to let our visitors feel comfortable, while they read the beautiful web site design information. Good business information and good links to more high quality information is always a winning combination.

Why design a beautiful SEO business website?

Your business website investment is designed to generate new revenue. If the major search engines can't find, index and rank your beautiful web pages high enough to create search engine traffic (unsolicited visitors to your website), you wasted time and money designing, building and publishing a company website. There are billions of beautiful web pages already on the web, with millions more being added daily. The reality for many of these beautiful websites, will be to live in complete obscurity because they didn't optimize .

What do good websites look like?

Important information has always been the focus of the World Wide Web. Although a good looking presentation might retain your website visitors' attention, important text information will help them find your website in the first place. If you forget about the original purpose of the World Wide Web, you will soon forget how beautiful your new website looked, when you first published it. Your customers are actually trying to find business information sites when they search for information.

We are not suggesting that ugly websites are better websites. But, ugly websites are often the most successful websites. Have you really looked at Google or Craigslist? What we are stating is a simple fact, that unless your business involves entertainment, artwork or graphic design, beautiful website presentation is not the MOST important website component. If you really want a stunningly beautiful website, we're willing and able to design it. However, we strongly suggest that you consider investing the bulk of your website design budget toward designing a search engine friendly and user friendly website. If you still want to find beautiful web sites, we can help! However, you might want to find a good website instead. Then you'll want to know how to get a website that works!

SEO works simply because it's how to find good information

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Before you try to simply get a beautiful website designed, please consider:

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