Winning a website award can be a costly mistake

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What is the best website design?

The only important website award to win is a new customer!

Award winning websites are rarely good designs for business


Award winning website designs only win design awards from web designers!

The best web site design award to win is a loyal customer!

There are many design organizations that receive awards for various designs. Architects win a design award for novel or functional building designs. Automotive designers win awards for unique or efficient car designs. Retail merchandising organizations give out awards for retail display designs. The web site design industry has also spawned numerous organizations that present great design awards each week. Many award winning sites could easily win an award from the web pages that suck site! Do you need a site to find customers? How important is a website to your business? Do you want a successful business website? Then design a website to win customers, not awards. When you understand that customers already know how to search the web to find web sites with quality information, you can design a good website to give customers what they want, good information! Winning design awards won't impress your customers. Good business information is always a good business investment decision.


A good web designer will design a business site to help your customers

What do all design awards have in common? They promote the designer as having designed something great or exceptional. Unfortunately, design awards in every industry are more about marketing hype and myths than real substance. A simple marketing ploy, designed to artificially enhance a designer's professional credibility. Since there is a category for nearly every designer in every industry, design award winners don't mean very much to a well informed customer. Good information design wins customers, every time.

Please read: What is a website, before you make any important design decisions. A profitable website is far more important to your business than having a dozen design awards. The best website is a website that finds customers. Please read: How mistakes cause website problems.

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Why a company needs a profitable design?

Why can't customers find our website?

With so many graphic artists, posing as website designers , business owners are often confused about what a good business web site is supposed to do for their business. We often hear about business web sites that cost many thousands of dollars to design and publish, generating no customers. The designers' answer to this costly problem; We need to launch a search engine marketing campaign!

When we explain that a good web site would have probably cost less and performed much better without any SEM , they're no longer impressed with their design award winner ! Profitable websites are designed to help customers find good information. An award winning web site may impress your friends, but a good company web site will impress your potential customers. Award winners can continue to build beautiful web sites. Good business designers will continue to build good business sites that answer customer questions. Good web sites are where you find good answers.

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Why a customer winning website is important to your company

Beautiful websites win design awards, but good websites win new customers

Beautiful websites can be very impressive the first time you visit. Good design sites, give customers good reasons to return again and again. For the business website owner, that is an important difference. Your customers are always looking for good information when they search the web. They are not simply looking to be entertained. Although a good presentation of your site's information can help your business credibility, it's not nearly as important as high quality information, simple navigation, a good sitemap, simple contact information and a good customer service policy.

Designers win design awards for the pretty pictures and interactive website features, not for finding new customers for your business. A good designer will help you to build a profitable website. Beautiful websites don't stay beautiful for long, when customers can't find the website with a search engine! A good business design will help you get good search engine results.

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