Why a good business website is good for business

A business website should have no session time limit and be accessible to people with disabilities. An assistive technology, user friendly website is important to your business.

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Why have a business website that doesn't have information about a business?

What is a business site designed by a graphic artist?

It's often another business website failure. It's a website that looks good, but no one will ever find it with a search engine! Every business web site is expected to find new business for the business owner. Building a business website is supposed to enhance a company profile in their industry and increase profits. An investment in a business website can be very profitable, if you understand what customers want from your website. If you make a good business decision to get a good website, you help your customer find you. Business websites must provide lots of good information, or they can't help visitors become customers. Why have a website, if your customers can't find it, or use it if they do? Usable business information is valuable to your customers. Like every good business , a good business web site works hard to give customers what they want. A good web page will inform visitors, because it's important to explain your business to every visitor. No matter how big or how small your business is, a website with the best answers wins! A website that doesn't get visitors from search engines, is simply a poor business investment. Please read: What is a website? and How to get a website for business, before you leave.

Why have a website for your business?

We're business designers, so this site provides information about how to get a business website. It's not about us or even our business, it's about business website information for our potential client. Good business designers can explain how a business website works to generate new business for your company. Your business investment decisions need to focus on the big picture, not just the big pictures on your website! You probably already know, good search results are the best website design award, for any business site to win. Do you already know how to find a good website, using a search engine? Your potential customers certainly do and that's the best reason to get a website for business designed by a good seo website designer.

What is a business to business website?

A B2B website needs to provide a lot more information than a regular business site. First, what business customers want is more technical descriptions, since they usually understand the basics of your products or services. Business to business transactions are less likely to be completed online, so full ebusiness features are unnecessary. The business customer still wants to be able to find good business information for your site to establish business credibility. B2B sites usually have more web pages than a regular business site, simply because they will have a lot more terminology and detailed descriptions of your business solutions. Getting a website for business, means understanding good website practices. Lots of links to good information, simple menus, easy to read web pages, good answers, contact information, good business features and terms definitions. This type of website customer doesn't tolerate elaborate presentation graphics, because they get in the way of the important website information they came for. Above all, business customers demand respect for their time, so help them find the right information quickly or they will lose patience, find a competitor site and you lose business.

When you invest in good information, you're making a good business investment

Potential customers often come back to get information from business sites that help provide the information customers want to know. Designing a business website from a customers perspective, will ensure that your site provides the best information for your customers. If your site can provide information first, you will find more customers. To do that, your potential customers need to find your web site using their favorite search engine. That's what a professional business website can do to assure a successful business future. An investment in a good website is simply a good business investment decision. Good information for customers is always the first step in building a profitable website. Good design websites are where you find good answers to good questions.

Your business future in e-commerce!

Doing business on the www, is called e-commerce. E-commerce and e-business websites require a specific type of website, to work safely and efficiently. Interactive business websites are expensive to build properly and equally expensive to maintain. This is not a place for a do it yourself business website . The security and privacy issues require a higher degree of technical expertise than most graphic artists or automated website building software can achieve. Unless you actually need an e-tail website, the liability exposure is not worth taking the risks. A business designer will explain the costs and benefits of an e-business site, before you put your business at risk. If you intend to build an e-tail website, do it right or don't do it at all. The best websites for business, inform customers about your business and let the customers do the rest.


Beautiful business websites don't look good for long, when they don't find new customers for your business!

Why business websites don't work?

Designing websites for business is not a game, but finding credible business websites can often be difficult. The most beautiful business websites (to business owners), are the ones that attract a lot of customers. Many business website designers are more focused on impressing the business owner than helping to generate new business. There are so many website myths about good business web design, that business owners are often dazzled by beautiful website presentation effects. They waste a lot of money designing a website that looks good, then lose new business to a competitor's website! Good business web pages will get good search engine results. Unless your potential customers can find your site, using a search engine, your site will not be a profitable business decision, no matter how beautiful your website looks. A good business website is not expected to simply advertise a business. A good website is a good investment in a good customer service reputation and an accessible business website, helps enhance that reputation even more. A simple business fact: Websites that get good results are never cheap business websites.

A credible business website includes important business features

Do you know how to search? Many business web designers focus their web site designs to create a Google friendly website rather than a user friendly website . Although Google gets more than half of all search engine queries worldwide, they are not the only search engine . Google is probably the best search engine for names, general or brand name product search information. It can be the worst search engine for business information sites. Google's page ranking system focuses on names or proper nouns, not business descriptions. Other search engines are often better at ranking concept information for their search results. Getting a business website for your human visitors, will impress every search engine and is far more important than simply trying to impress Google. Designing a website with good links and good page titles will improve your search engine results with every search engine. Every business website is not an e-business website?

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