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A good website has no session time limit and has accessible information for people with disabilities. An assistive technology, user friendly website.

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Information about websites

How to find information about business means how to find a good information website!

How do I find information about websites or find a website about business websites?


How to find business information

Where do you find good information?

In the information age, it's often frustrating how little credible business information you can find on business websites. Useful information is often hard to find. To understand what a business web site can do is to understand what business information means. Unless you have the information customers want, it doesn't matter how good a website looks or what a website costs, it will fail to find new customers for your business! Unfortunately, it's a common mistake. Websites with quality information, get good search engine results and good results on search engines is how customers find your website the first time.

How to find a website for a business or how to find a business online?

Every potential customer that can find a business website, using a search engine, started with a question . Good questions are how you find information. Since MORE than 90% of all visitors to a business web site will search for information using a search engine, your site needs to be the best answer to that question. Most business sites on the WWW, are designed to look good to visitors, rather than inform them. A business site must inform customers to become a successful business website. Good business information will impress everyone who visits and a user friendly website enhances your business credibility. When you find a business web site, you expect to actually find business information! Good answers to customer questions, are an important business feature that makes your web site important to customers. Do you already know how to find a web site with the right information? Quality business information web pages take time and skill to write, but only quality information helps a website to find customers on the internet. A good web page has valid information for a specific audience. If you already know how to find the right information to answer questions, you certainly understand how to use a search engine to find the best business information. So do your potential customers.

The WWW is being developed as a how to find good information or rather, how to find good business information resource

How to find information for a website?

Search engines value text information above graphical information

Although every search engine organization advises every web site owner to provide good information FOR PEOPLE, it's often ignored. Here's what Google advises:

Design and content guidelines:

Information for webmasters from

The confusion about what constitutes good information seems to be the single biggest cause of business web site failure. Good information is NOT about pretty pictures of information. A business website is not a magazine ad. It's about the information customers want to find about your business or industry. We explain what good information means to all our clients, BEFORE we even start the design process. Our clients need to make a good business investment decision, so usable information is very important. Do you know how search engines work or how to find website mistakes? How to find a good name for a business? If not, please read on.

Why have a business web site? It's how customers find information about a business!

One of the worst business mistakes is not providing real business information on a website. Our visitors want information about a business website. Your customers want to find a good web site that provides good information. Any website that provides good information gets results on the web. To be a good information resource, your website needs to have the answer to how-to find information about... for your potential customer.


What information do customers expect to find on a website?

What is important business information to have on a business site?

Every bit of information a potential customer might want to know about your business! Providing good information for customers improves your chances of being accepted as a credible source of information. Credible business information can be hard to find on the web.

What is the most important website information to potential customers?

Good information sites are the best place to find answers

Good web sites, avoid mistakes and provide:


What is quality information?

How to find information on the web

This site provides good information about business websites for several reasons: First, it gives our potential client the important information they need to make good business decisions. Second, it helps our site to get good search results. Third, it might help to improve the information quality found on the World Wide Web, if more business designers actually learn how to write good information pages! For visitors to find good information sites, a website designer has to know what information potential customers want, before they simply publish a website that will ultimately fail to find customers. A good website is where you find answers.

Do you want help finding information for your website? We use a process that we call draining your brain, to get all the best ideas and information solutions that your business can offer information about. We ask a lot of the same questions that your customer might ask. From the answers you give, we always find more questions to ask and the process is repeated. The right question gets a website information plan started and a good seo knows how to ask the right questions. Then it's a simple matter of writing the information on good web pages. Please read: What is a website?, before you make a website investment decision. How to find information about identity theft? How to find good information on the internet or information about doing business on the Internet?

Do you think winning a website design award is important? Then please ask yourself:

Professional quality websites provide links to important information

Should you find our business web site information useful and wish to link directly to this web page, simply copy and paste the following link text onto any of your web site web pages:

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Internet search results for more valuable business information

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