How to write a good web page for a business web site?

A good web site has a good web page design that has no session time limit and is accessible to people with disabilities. An assistive technology, user friendly web page.

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Define a web page?

What makes a good web page, user friendly?

What makes a web page accessible?


Every good web page has quality information

A web page is simply an html document, published on the World Wide Web. A good web page provides unique information to a specific audience in a page format that is usable by every web browser. Every web page on this site was written to provide specific business web site design information to help business web site owners make good web page design decisions. Good text information written in a valid web page format, making it accessible, makes any web page a valuable resource. Use graphics sparingly and provide a long description of a graphic when necessary. Choose web page colors carefully. Avoid flash web pages, particularly a flash intro page! High quality web pages, load quickly and contain high quality, current information. Good web pages are updated regularly and also let visitors know when the page information was last updated. Every good web page remains a work-in-progress and so the best web pages will continue to get the best search results. Many self-proclaimed web page designers can produce a beautiful web page that will be useless to your company website. Beautiful web pages rarely impress potential customers. Although we certainly know how to design beautiful a web page, we strongly advise against it. To learn more about Bad web pages, visit the Web pages that Suck site. You might also want to read: What is a web site?

How a web page answers questions

The information on every web page, can provide answers to questions a visitor might have. The WWW is supposed to be where to find good answers to questions on a web page, somewhere in the world. Our web pages answer questions about the importance of valid web page markup, good seo, accessible web page design, how to optimize web pages, the use and importance of meta tags, business web page value, why web sites fail, how to write a good page title, how to find customers, why beautiful web pages can be a mistake and simply how to write good web pages. Business web pages need to focus on what customers want to know and be written to clearly explain information in terms that the target audience will understand. What does a good web page cost? How long does it take to write a good web page? What is a good web page size? That answer is simple: 100% page width. A tableless web page is easy to display at 100% for any screen resolution.

Plain text web pages?

Do you need plain text versions of your web pages to make your site accessible? The simple answer is NO. However, if a website only uses dynamically generated web pages, flash, contains menus written in scripts, etc., the site is probably not accessible anyway. Plain text pages were a last resort option to meet web page accessibility standards, if no other method could economically be found. As always, write valid xhtml web pages and and your site is machine readable. That's a good start.

A good web page has a good menu

Web site navigation should never be complicated. A good menu helps visitors to find information pages easily. A good web page will also have a page menu as well as menu links to other important web pages. Keeping menus simple on every web page, avoids web page navigation confusion. The main menu options should be limited to 4 or 5 choices on each page, or visitors can easily be overwhelmed with too many choices! A sitemap page and a site index page are usually the most important web pages on a good website. Access keys are also a good web page navigation feature. Pages that allow users to choose the way they display a web page, improve accessibility and makes your entire site user friendly.


A good web page will get good search results

Since you have no control of how customers find your web site, all the web pages on a web site become a potential landing page. Good information web pages appear at the top of a search engine results page. The best and most focused information pages, get the best search results. If you want high ranking web pages, write original content, topic specific information pages for people, not search engines. Quality web pages are about informing people and a web page is not simply another advertising brochure. Good looking web pages may impress designers, but good websites are where you find good answers to good questions

A good web page has a good page title and a good page name

The most important web page element is the page title. Writing a good page title for each page on a site, gives your web pages focus and credibility. Poor page titles like about us or what we do and who we are are worthless to both visitors and search engines. Titling every page on a site with your company name, is another common web page mistake and it's also search engine suicide! A good web page title will describe the page content and contain some good keywords. Next to the words in the page title, a good web page name is almost as important to good seo. The name of this page is good-web-page.html for a very good reason!

A good web page has good links!

A good home page will contain text links to all your site's pages. When you understand what makes a good web page good, you will see the importance of having links on a good website. Links are what define a web page. Please read how to define a good web page and how W3C describes a good web page for users. You might also want to read what W3C calls good web page design. Please read: Why write accessible web pages.

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