An accessible website is a good website for business

A business needs an accessible website design site that has no session time limit and is accessible to people with disabilities. An assistive technology, user friendly website.

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What is an accessible business web site?

What good is an accessible website if an accessible site is an ugly website?

An accessible website design and a good SEO website are the same web site design!


Accessible website features used on this accessible business website

For those who use keyboard navigation to move around a website, we provide access keys, a tabindex and [ content ] bypass features. For a quick, simple text reading and audio ( text to voice) browsers , we provide a plain text (.txt) document version of our archived web pages. Many hyperlinks have a title description to tell the user where the link goes. We use a slightly larger font size, for easier reading. Using high contrast (background to text color) also aids in usability.

Why have an accessible web site and what makes a website accessible?

How an accessible website helps visitors to find information quickly

At the bottom of each web page, we provide a simple search engine access to additional research resources, a "page menu" (alt+p) to each topic section, an option to reload the current page, a link to the top accessible menu and a link directly to our Home Page (alt+h) and our accessibility policy (alt+ y). We also provide a page Last updated feature to let our visitors know when we changed the page text information. All our web pages validate as xhtml 1.0 strict, use valid CSS 3.0 stylesheets and have been formally verified. We also provide user controlled screen presentation styles to allow our visitors to customize the way they view our accessible web pages. Printing any web page on this site, using the Print Style option, provides a printed page on standard paper with most of the graphics removed. For visitors requiring a long description of the graphics we employ, the [d] beside each picture will take you to our long descriptions explanations page. We have avoided the use of animated graphics (except on our Flash demonstration pages), to avoid a potential seizure hazard for people with epilepsy. We provide an accessible sitemap and an accessible menu navigation features.

Why invest in an accessible website

Authors' Note:

Accessible web site features work for our business web site and they will work for your business site too.


How to design an accessible website that is an attractive website!

Using valid CSS allows any web designer to create an attractive website that still conforms to all the accessible website guidelines. Css (or cascading style sheets) provide a simple method to create good presentation effects without excluding people with disabilities from using a website. Some of your potential customers want an accessible website to help them find the information that they can't find any other way. A good web page is accessible. It may be a little more difficult, but it's definitely worth the extra effort to find more customers! Accessibility helps any site get better search engine results.

How many websites are accessible?

The short answer is, very few. Although difficult to determine, if less than 10% of all the websites on the web even validate to W3C standards, many of those that do still aren't accessible to even section 508 standards. Until business website owners insist that their website be accessible, graphic artists will continue to build unusable websites. As the web continues it's explosive grow, profitability will eventually force this to happen.

Why aren't all websites accessible?

It requires more skill and effort than most web designers can provide. Please read: Why write accessible pages, for an explanation of the benefits of accessible web pages. See also: Accessible website tips.

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